Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seizures Galore

Collin hasn't been sleeping well recently, so when he woke up out of sorts on Friday, I just assumed it had something to do with that. But then he had a weird spell during his vision therapy that morning. It was like he suddenly went into a deep sleep and then woke up kind of panicky and disoriented. I figured he was overtired, so when therapy was over I snuggled him up for a nap, but he just did not seem to be able to go to sleep. By the time his speech therapist came for feeding therapy, he still hadn't slept and had a similar spell. But then I noticed similarities in his mannerisms between the two - he made an unusual face and his breathing wasn't right and he sat up much straighter than normal. Once, he did it while I had him on my shoulder and lifted his head straight up - something he has never been able to do - and by the next time I saw it, I knew he was having seizures. They were like nothing we had ever seen and I wondered if they had to do with being overtired. So, after therapy I broke out the big guns and let him sleep on me, something I rarely do but that always works. At this point, I realized that every time he started to fall asleep he triggered a seizure. He would slowly get stiff, arching his back and making that strange face, hold it for about ten seconds, and then blink his eyes like he was confused as he came out of it. It was heartbreaking.

So, I called up the neurologist (my speed dial consists of my immediate family and Collin's neurologist) and talked to the nurse practitioner, who advised me to give Collin 1/2 a clonazepam. I did and nothing had changed, so I gave him the other half. After another couple of hours of watching him trying to fall asleep, only to be awakened by a seizure, I called back. At this point, they started talking about bringing us in to the hospital and my stomach turned. She said we would need to "load" him on a medicine (give him a massive dose all at once), maybe even a medicine he hadn't tried before. I pictured all of the poking and prodding, the unwieldy and uncomfortable IV with the arm board, the monitors. I asked for our alternatives and she said we could give him one more half, but that if he hadn't stopped seizing within 45 minutes or an hour, we would need to be admitted. At this point, Kyle and I made a judgment call. We thought about the past doses of medicine Collin has taken and we thought about the kinds of doses they were thinking about giving him in the hospital and we decided to give him a full pill instead of a half.

And then we prayed and prayed and prayed.

And then I started packing for the hospital.

And then the seizures stopped and Collin fell asleep in Kyle's arms.

And then I smiled and cried and spent the night with Collin in bed next to me, waking up every time he moved to make sure it wasn't a seizure.

We haven't seen anything since. Here's my theory: something happened that sent Collin's brain into some kind of a cycle. Every time his brainwaves reached the sleep pattern, he shorted out and started over. I just think we needed to get his brain over whatever threshold had developed so that he could restart a healthy sleep cycle. We will have an EEG early this week and see if anything shows up.

Collin can't figure out what all the fuss is about, though. He was totally normal between the seizures. He would scare the snot out of me and then laugh. And he's been his normal happy self ever since. Just trying to keep us on our toes, I guess. Doesn't want us to get rusty.

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  1. Once again, mom and dad's better instincts come to the rescue.

    Love you guys