Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Our EEG was at 10:00 this morning and about 5 minutes into it, Collin started having seizures. Which is good, I guess. At least they have record of it so they can hopefully get some insight into what was going on. After the second seizure, the technician paged Collin's neurologist, who wanted to talk directly to me. He gave me the option of either getting admitted to the hospital or trying to manage things at home - either way, we will be adding yet another medicine to Collin's regimen. Since we have an appointment already scheduled with him at 1:30, I opted to try medicine for a couple of hours then decide how to proceed when we meet this afternoon. I feel torn about what to do. It is so much more comfortable for all three of us when we're at home, which I believe makes treatments go more smoothly, but since the nature of these seizures prevents Collin from sleeping once they start, our hands are also tied at home.

In true Collin fashion, he filled his clothes and his carseat with poop at the hospital, so that's what I'll be taking care of between appointments.


  1. My soul is physically exhausted for you all just reading your recent posts. But then I read Kyle's comment: 'How can a baby going through so much have so many smiles?' And, despite all the struggles, I am reminded of the simple blessings in life: an amazing husband and a super-amazing little man. Every ounce of me is praying and supporting you.

  2. Annie, Michael and I are praying right now.

  3. Gotta love the constants in life - prayers from those who love you and ... poop. :)