Monday, November 9, 2009

Long and Lean

Well, not quite. But compared to sumo Collin, it's practically true.

We had our visit with Collin's wonderful nutritionist today, which meant a weigh-in and length measure. Apparently his increased activity (he's a kicking machine and gets put out when I get in his way) combined with sleeping like the dead has been a magical combination, because he dropped an ounce and grew another 5/8 of an inch. That means an inch and a half in the past four weeks, people, after two months of literally no growth at all while he was on prednisone. And since his weight stayed about the same, it dropped him from the 95th percentile of weight for length (how fat he is for his 'height') to the 75th in two weeks. So we're back in cloth diapers again (thank goodness - I try not to think about how many of the blow outs we've had these past weeks could have been avoided if we hadn't been in disposables) and he can actually move his legs while he's in them. Exciting stuff.

Collin is also getting pretty pumped for his dad's birthday on Tuesday. Even though we're going to spend part of it at the pediatrician's office and part of it at the Medicaid office (which will be totally worth it because it's going to save our financial heinys) Collin and I have a few tricks up our sleeve to squeeze in some fun.

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