Monday, November 30, 2009

Ear Stink and More

Collin had a fever this weekend. He started getting congested. He had weird rough patches of skin all over his arms. And I was only toying with the idea of taking him to the pediatrician this morning until he developed the proverbial Last Straw: Ear Stink. I started noticing that one of his ears smelled disgusting. I gave him a bath, gently swabbed it out with a q-tip, rubbed it with lotion, but nothing worked: every time I got near his head for a snuggle, I was knocked on my butt by a rank smell coming from his right ear. And THAT is what got me on the phone to our pediatrician, Dr. Right.

Turns out Collin likely had some kind of bacterial infection this weekend, which spiked his fever, developed the congestion, and even triggered the eczema outbreak. And the source of the Ear Stink? Impacted ear wax. In fact, his abnormally tiny ear canals were so packed with ear wax that Dr. Right literally could not get it all out and could not get even a glimpse of Collin's ear drums. He even used this scary long metal tool and a water pick, but it wouldn't budge.

Know what this means? Collin probably does not have fluid in his ears. He failed his hearing test because of his Ear Stink. The line on the tympanogram came out flat because they weren't measuring the movement of his eardrum at all - they were measuring the movement of his earwax.

So now he's on an antibiotic for his congestion and fancy lotion for his eczema, but we're just waiting to see if his ears work things out on their own. If not, it's off to the ENT we go.


  1. How could something so adorable produce something so funky?

  2. Did the doctor suggest debrox? It's an over the counter medicine that will break up the wax and let it come out naturally.