Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yay Friday

It's been a long week, people. We had an extra-crazy Tuesday and Wednesday with three therapies and a two-part occupational therapy evaluation. The evaluation went really well. I love his occupational therapist and I think she is going to be wonderful with Collin. She adores him, too, which shows her excellent judgment.

The Sabril came via FedEx as promised Tuesday morning and we started administering it that afternoon. It seems like it has konked him out for a few hours after taking it (which resulted in a night of not much sleep last night), so we're adjusting the timing of the dose to see if it helps. He is extremely grouchy, which I kind of expected. Med transitions are hard on him in general, plus the fact that we're weaning the prednisone pretty quickly, which can cause headaches. We're trying to give him some leeway and extra snuggles while still helping him stick to his schedule as much as possible. We got a couple of good smiles tonight, which was good medicine for everyone.

In other news, I had outpatient surgery today to have some places on my left arm removed and biopsied. It seemed like a ridiculous ordeal to me just to have four little incisions - I had to put on a hospital gown, get scrubbed down, and the whole nine yards - but it had to be done and I'm glad it's over. My parents came for my mom's fall break and are taking excellent care of both me and Collin while I can't use my arm. I'm trying not to milk the situation too much. Sort of.

Also, our camera batteries died this week and I just got around to remedying that situation, so pictures and/or video will follow soon. I think his face might be deflating a bit, which is nice. He's looking more like baby and less like a squinty-eyed Cabbage Patch Kid.


  1. I'm so glad the surgery went ok and its over with! We missed you last night, but I'm sure you're recovering well under the care of your parents! :-)

  2. We were thinking about you on Thursday! Enjoy some parent pampering. btw My favorite doll was a Cabbage Patch Kid.