Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sabril: Week 2 -OR- The Kratzsch Infirmary

Well, between Collin's first fever, my first bout of hives, the return of Collin's retching, and me having to baby my stitches from last week's surgery, it was quite a week. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard and discouraging. Besides feeling bad, we had to cut way back on Collin's daily therapies, which is nice in that it gives me a break, but tough because it feels important to do those things and consequently feels like a setback when we don't.

Today was the first day this week that Collin felt good AND I wasn't losing my mind from itching so we celebrated by playing and snuggling most of the day. In the evening, our good friends the Popps came in town and we took our boys for their first Trick-or-Treating experience at the Louisville Zoo. Interestingly, Collin's favorite part of the whole experience was the area that had a disco ball and blaring Bee Gees music.

And also - you have to come close, so I can whisper this part - no seizures this week.


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  2. Hives suck. Believe me I know.

  3. Who doesn't love the Bee Gees? Elliott's favorite was the Princess castle. No gender stereotyping at our house :)