Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Normal

There's nothing like going straight from your baby's first fever to a mysterious case of torturous hives to make you appreciate the relative calm of your 'normal' life. After another night of next to no sleep due to an impressive array of nasty symptoms, I went to CVS at 6:00 this morning for a last ditch attempt at relief. Sometime in the wee hours of the night, I remembered something my doctor had mentioned about using Zantac along with Benadryl to treat hives and researched it. I was willing to try anything and I'm glad I did, because I started feeling relief almost immediately and slept for three hours.

It's amazing how different the world seemed when I woke up semi-rested and nearly hive free. I realized how much I had missed my normal routine with Collin these past few days of misery. I had hardly touched him at all and hadn't participated in many of his therapies or med preparations. It felt so sweet to sit and talk to him during his tube feed and help him with some physical and vision therapy before his nap. It's kind of strange to find comfort in drawing up medicines.

Unfortunately, the calm didn't last long and Collin started retching at his 6:00 pm feeding. It happened again at the 10:00 and we have no idea what could be causing it. With all of the medicine changes and virus symptoms, who knows. So we just slowed the rate down on his feeding pump in the hope that things will work themselves out.

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