Friday, October 16, 2009

Fever All Through the Night

Yesterday, Collin and I ran a couple of errands in the afternoon. Collin was happy as could be, but I suddenly started to feel like I was coming down with something, so we headed home. When we got there, I noticed that his cheeks seemed really flushed, so I unbundled him. When his face stayed red, I took his temperature and it was 101. I choked on my heart. First of all, it's just disconcerting the first time your baby has a fever. But add to that the fact that Collin is coming off of a massive regimen of prednisone, which means that he has pretty much no immune system to protect him against viruses or bacteria. He is also still very low tone, meaning that if he were to get a lot of chest congestion, he wouldn't be able to manage it. These two things add up to a probable stay in the hospital if he were to come down with the flu of any kind. PLUS the fact that he has seizures, which makes any fever more dangerous.

After talking to the neurologist and pediatrician, we decided to start him on Tylenol and just watch him. As soon as the offices closed, his temperature shot up to almost 104. I called around to immediate care centers, but no one would see him because of his age and medical conditions. So it was either Children's Hospital or nothing. We opted for home. I broke out the Dr. Sears baby book, we stripped him down, and started pumping the fluids (one of the perks of having a g-tube baby). By 8:30, we had it down to under 100 and decided to break up the night between the two of us and check on him every hour, since we couldn't risk a sudden spike. Kyle kept watch until two and I took over at three. The temp stayed under 101 most of the night and Collin slept pretty peacefully.

Today we'll be heading to the pediatrician to figure out what is causing the fever and to make sure he doesn't have any infection, since he wouldn't be able to fight it off at all. We can't get in until this afternoon, so we'll be maintaining the fluid and tylenol regimen until then and keeping a close eye on things. I'm not looking forward to going to sit in that swine flu-ridden waiting room. I'll just cover Collin's carseat with a blanket. And maybe wear a mask.

The interesting thing about all of this is that my symptoms that brought us home in the first place went away as soon as Collin's fever started to go down. This crazy mama voodoo has happened before.

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  1. The fact that y'all were confident and capable enough to care for your own son instead of panicking and running to the hospital says so much about the strength you've gotten over these past months.

    I guess Collin isn't the only one tough as nails and sweet as pie. :)