Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meant For Each Other

My goal this week was to find a pediatrician who will be a better fit for our needs. I know I probably haven't sounded like it due to my recent frustration, but I really do like our current pediatrician - we just need a little more time and support for Collin. For a few weeks, I had been polling Collin's therapists and other doctors for suggestions and settled on three practices. So yesterday morning I called to set up interviews with the doctors to determine who would be the best match.

Except that instead of things going the way they should when a parent is trying to choose the best care for her child, I spent the greater part of the morning talking to receptionists and office managers only to be told that one practice 'just didn't have room for us' and the other practice was 'not taking any more special needs children'. That last one sent me into a bawling fit of indignant frustration and shocked hurt. Who says something like that? Would she say 'we're not taking any more kids with allergies' or even 'we're not taking any more kids of his ethnicity'? How could they deny him BASED ON his needs? What kind of sense does that even make for a doctor? I was so discouraged. Until...


I called the third practice. The office manager asked me how much time I wanted with the doctor. I said ten or fifteen minutes would be great. She called back to say that the doctor wanted to schedule me during his consult slot so we could have more time to talk. So would 11:20 be a good time for me? The next day?

So this morning Collin and I trekked to the office (which felt like a big house and had an e.e. cummings quote painted on the wall in the waiting room) and met with Mr. Right. Dr. Right I guess I should say. He spent a solid half an hour with us, listening to Collin's whole story (and it's quite a story to hear all in one sitting). Guys, he asked me tons of thoughtful questions and explained his view of his role in the scheme of Collin's situation and listened to MY expectations and didn't seem remotely rushed or overwhelmed and at one point during our talk, I noticed that he was rubbing Collin's foot.

*Starry-eyed sigh*

So, between Dr. Awesome and Dr. Right, we've got Collin pretty well covered.


  1. Ah, the magic three... I know your story will have a great ending with these great elements. (e.e. cummings? are you kidding me?!) Talk about divine intervention. God provides for us all just when we need it. Amen, sister!

  2. It is official. I'm going with my gut and calling this week :)

  3. Annie, that is amazing! Way to be persistent - you and Kyle are such outstanding advocates for Collin. What a tremendous blessing that you found a pediatrician that seems up to par with such a level of outstanding-ness!! Yay!

  4. There is nothing like feeling like you and the doctor are on the same team. When I interviewed our's, he said, "I try to practice 21st century medicine, I'm not going to do something just because it's been done for the past 10 to 15 years." I almost kissed him right on the mouth. THEN the next visit he revealed himself as the biggest Harry Potter dork ever...I don't need to tell you it's a good thing Nicholas was there or who knows what I'd done. ;)

  5. can you tell me who this dr right is? i think you know that we are currently using the same pediatrician practice that you were, and we were told yesterday that they are getting ready to change their vaccination policy. This is unfortunately a deal breaker for us.

    dr right and dr awesome sound like a great combo!

  6. So awesome to hear, Annie!!! Collin is a lucky little guy to have such loving parents :) I pray that you continue to be on the same page with Dr. Right and Dr. Awesome.