Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Thousand Thanks. Literally.

We got home from Cincinnati tonight and were standing up to our shins in a sea of unpacked belongings when a friend brought us over a delicious dinner of tofu curry. (Thanks Marie!) This got me thinking again, as I do a lot these days, about how many wonderful friends have really stepped into this hard, bewildering time with us and cared for us in whatever way they could. And I became re-overwhelmed by the extent of it.

- We have not cooked for ourselves more than a half dozen times since Collin was born. That's over five months, folks.
- During these five months, we've been showered by a steady stream of encouraging emails, texts, cards, and notes from people all over the state and beyond.
- We have been prayed for faithfully by an army of believers.
- My mom took family medical leave and pretty much lived with us for two months when things were at their worst.
- Collin has received such a generous outpouring of gifts that we're going to have to rent a storage unit. (Joking. Sort of.)
- A huge chunk of the help we've received is from people who barely even know us - friends of friends or of family members who just wanted to help and pitched in to ease the burden for us.

Now, I was never really good with writing thank you notes even before our life turned upside down and inside out, so you can imagine how small the chance is now that I will ever get around to writing notes of thanks, especially considering the enormity of the task. So, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in this very small way for bearing some of our load - for giving generously and loving warmly and reaching out to us in a situation where none of us really knows what to say or do.

Thank you.


  1. We are a long ways away, but as close as a prayer. Praying with the many people of Team Collin...

    Deb, Ken, Beth and CJ

  2. Hey there I just wanted to let you know that I think of you often. I know we have not talked in a very long time but I have been praying for you since I found out you were pregnant! I continue to pray for little Collin and for you and Kyle. I hope that we can meet up one day... love ya Annie!
    Khara, Bryan, Brody, and Aubry