Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snorting and Retching

I'm sitting up with Collin during his middle of the night feed in case he starts retching so I can unhook his feeding tube and vent his tummy quickly if I need to. He's been retching at every single feed for the past couple of days and we can't figure out why. --Whoops, sure enough, there was one. -- The flow rate of the feed doesn't seem to matter at all and it doesn't appear to be because his tummy is too full, because nothing really comes out when we vent him, though we keep doing it just in case. In all likelihood, it's med related, like so many other things.

Another side effect we're all dealing with - this time to the clonazepam - is that Collin is extremely snorty. He breathes a little like a longtime smoker with a bad cold and has sudden outbreaks of gross coughing now and then. We think this is because the medicine has side effects of dry mouth and cough, so his saliva is really thick and hard to clear. Suctioning with a bulb syringe does nothing to help and neither does positioning differently. It doesn't seem to bother him one way or the other, but it makes for a noisy night over the monitor and I have the added problem of mommy sympathy symptoms. It's pretty bizarre, really. When I'm close to him while he's having this rattly, snorty breathing, I can literally feel it in my throat and chest and it makes me cough and clear my throat. So Collin doesn't clear his throat even though it is full of junk and I clear mine constantly even though nothing is really there. What a pair.

Collin is also still having one or two clusters of spasms everyday, so I'll be calling the neurologist in the morning to ask about increasing Topamax some more.


  1. Annie and Kyle,

    My prayers are with you all and Collin. I read the blog almost every day (except the past three days when I was studying for my statistics final) and I love how you post everything that is happening in your lives. You two are awesome people and terrific parents, and I send you and your baby my love and as always, my prayers.

    Eileen Gannon

  2. I've missed you guys so much this past week. I'm so sad to hear Collin is sick. That is so scary on top of everything else to have to deal with fever. I'm praying for you and Collin today.