Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Months

Here's to the longest, darkest, richest, most crushing and wondrous six months of our lives. Thus far.


  1. Happy half-birthday Collin! You've experienced a lot more in this short time than most ever will.

    I hope this day is full of blessings for your entire family.

  2. This is the only time in their lives Collin is twice as old as Griffin.

    Happy Birthday little man!

  3. Psst.. Collin! Sebastian here... Mom's taking a nap after reading the good advice from your mom... I just wanted to tell you how cool I think you are. I especially love the glasses! I check out your pictures every day while mom reads the stories to me (it's the only "screen time" she lets me get around here!). I really miss our play dates, but I hope you are having a good half birthday. It's pretty cool, isn't it, to have all these people surrounding us who love us SO incredibly much and can't get enough of us! =) May we clink our glasses of breast milk together across the miles and states in celebration!