Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Meds for Collin-San

Collin somehow manages to be even cuter first thing in the morning, so I enjoyed him for awhile as I waited for the neurologist's office to open today. I'm slowly learning how this process works and knew I needed to start as early as possible. I left our details and a simple but clear message with the person who answers calls for 'urgent medical issues' and crossed my fingers. At 1:00 in the afternoon, I got a call from someone who seemed to be the assistant to the nurse practitioner; she was calling to see what my question was. I swallowed and calmly explained the same message, at which point she put me on hold and walked across the hall to relay the information to the nurse practitioner. Efficiency, it seems, is not stressed in this particular office. She then came back to the phone to tell me that the nurse practitioner would talk to the neurologist and call me back later. Which meant six o'clock.


I do appreciate and respect Collin's neurologist and nurse practitioner. It's the system that makes me want to knock some heads together, as my dad would say.

In the end, the neurologist decided to aggressively ramp up Collin's Topamax to what sounds like a dose fit for a sumo wrestler. Which is appropriate, I guess. This is going to require us to be on the lookout for potentially dangerous side effects like electrolyte imbalances, inability to regulate body temperature, and belly bumping his parents. Even though I know it's crucial to stop these brain damaging seizures at nearly any cost, I'm not looking forward to this dose increase because it has been so nice for Collin to be opening his eyes and having more semi-lucid moments recently. I know he'll be a fat little zombie now.

Speaking of fat, Collin's so-awesome nutritionist came today and discovered that Collin is getting too fat too fast. He is now on a baby diet. Sort of. Yes, that does mean that my breast milk is killer. It could easily beat you up.

In unrelated but equally momentous news, Collin has lost all of his back hair. When he was born, he looked a lot like a woolly monkey. He looks kind of naked now. When we oil him up before bed and fasten on his cloth diaper, I get the urge to pull his hair back in a slick black bun. Unfortunately, his head hair is falling out too, so there goes that dream.


  1. Just in case I don't check the computer tomorrow, please tell Collin "happy six month birthday!" For half a year, he's had a very impressive life journey.
    love, Jessica, Michael, and Elliott

  2. I just have one question about that picture.

    Who got tickets to the gun show?

    Griffin says he's way intimidated about being in a swim diaper in front of Collin. He's doing curls as we speak. ;)

  3. We love you guys and are praying that this dose stops the seizures without any of these side-effects.