Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Love You, 8:30

Everyday recently, pretty much without fail, Collin suddenly wakes up, opens his eyes, and smiles right around 8:30 in the evening. The first day it happened, Kyle and I were giving him his massage and Collin opened his eyes all the way and we both started crying. These days, I spend the day in anticipation of those magical fifteen minutes and sometimes even have my act together enough to have a camera nearby. The tricky thing is that I can get either a picture of him smiling or a picture with his eyes open. This is because, like his father, his eyes disappear into their squinty slits as soon as his cheeks start to squish up. So, so awesome.

News of interest today includes the fact that Kyle and I decided to stop Collin's B6 regimen. And we did not consult the doctor; because sometimes, there's just no point. As the seizures got worse and worse yesterday and we looked back over Collin's health chart (I'll post some other time about Collin's extensive and detailed health spreadsheet - get excited), it seemed clear that the B6 and seizures were related. So we talked to the neurologist about increasing his Topamax but didn't bother to ask him about the B6. And today, Collin had no seizures. As in none. Yesterday he had around 100 all together. And today none. And he didn't retch even once. And I don't mind saying that I felt a little smug about it. As I was standing in an exhausted haze in the bathroom before bedtime, getting ready to realize that I was squirting saline spray in my contact case, I thought, "Ha. We were right."


  1. I think I've made my position on things like this pretty clear aka I'm going to go with the mama every time. ;)

  2. Praise God for a mother's intuition!!!

  3. I'm not a BIT surprised. Good for you!!

    What a precious picture. Give those chubby little cheeks a kiss from me.

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  5. Mama's always know best! Give Collin a kiss from his Aunt Wende.

    All my love!