Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Farm

Time on my family's farm is good medicine for everyone. You can see why. We spent a beautiful weekend there - chock full of homemade food and naps - and came back ready for another whirlwind week, the climax of which will be our trip to Cleveland Clinic on Friday.


  1. I'm sorry I think I lost the info you gave me about making my reservation. Just go on ahead and send it again ;)

  2. Sweet. I will ready Cleveland.

  3. Grace, mercy and peace be upon you and upon your precious little one this week.

    Love, Connie and Steve

  4. Please promise me you will enlarge this pic and put it on Collin's bedroom wall. It evokes peace and a natural sense of calm, not to mention the power and beauty of God's works, including the farm, Annie Kratzsch, and sweet baby Collin (and Kyle, the assumed photographer, is also on that blessed list!).

  5. Hey there...
    Just checking in, assuring you of our prayers and love and sending you strength and peace... well, trying to.