Thursday, August 27, 2009


There are at least five reasons why today was better than yesterday:

1. Collin cried twice, and not because a doctor was tormenting him. Once, the light got in his eyes and once I startled him as he was waking up. It's still kind of a quiet cry and it takes him a few seconds to work up to it, but this comes after almost a month of no sounds at all, including crying. You don't realize what a sweet sound your baby's cry is until you don't hear it for a long time. I was trying to be sympathetic and comfort him, but I just kept smiling.

2. It was Collin's first day off of Topamax. He didn't retch even once. (Hey Topamax, come over here so I can punch you in the face.)

3. We got a little smile out of Collin during his physical therapy session this morning and his therapist was so excited I thought she was going to kiss me.

4. Someone at Children's Hospital called to tell us that they can send Collin's blood to another lab that doesn't require such a big sample to run the test, so we don't have to go back to get more blood drawn. Three cheers for whoever figured that one out.

5. I baked a cake and made squash fritters to go with our otherwise microwaved dinner. Not on the scale of numbers 1-4, I know, but I have really missed baking and all things 'normal' feel like a special treat these days. Collin sat in his bouncy chair in the kitchen and supervised. I made him promise not to tell his dad how badly I destroyed the kitchen.

And tomorrow morning I get to sleep in. That counts for five in itself.


  1. I'm just saying, after a week off Topamax, I wouldn't be surprised if next week he starts playing the violin or writing the great American novel. ;)

    Also I think your sleeping in might be coming to an end soon. "Mom it's bright all of a sudden. Wake up and check it out!" hehehehe

  2. Five cheers for efficient lab workers :) I'm intrigued by squash fritters (I may have to snag the recipe). Last night, I made Annie's macaraoni and cheese and added some broccoli, so your kitchen adventure sounds gourmet to me!