Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baldy McBalderson

It is true that Collin's first experience with baldness was my fault. But I'm not sorry - it was for his own good. His funktastic cradle cap was out of control and grossing me and everyone else out so I treated his scalp with olive oil numerous times and scraped it off. Unfortunately, his hair came out with it, leaving an unsightly bald spot right on top of his head. When he started to give me lip about it, I would just ask, "Would you rather be bald or scabby?" That would shut him up.

Then last week, his hair suddenly started falling out by the handful. Kyle amused himself by pulling tufts out and marveling at them. Several of his therapists were concerned that it was another side effect of his crazy meds, but there were baby hairs growing in underneath, so we knew it was natural.

After a few days of this, he was looking pretty mangy, so we helped him about by trimming the longer wispy parts. So now it almost looks like a little buzz. Not the same as his shock of silky black hair, but still pretty darn cute.

So since Collin has lost his distinguishing characteristic, I told him that he needs to learn a trick or something. He decided to go with opening both of his eyes at once!

And when that got a good reaction, he really wowed us by looking through his glasses!

I would trade hair for eyeballs any day.


  1. Awesome!

    Also -- loved the post title. :)

  2. I think he looks handsome and very focused.

  3. For some reason Collin reminds me of a baby Banjamin Franklin. Not that I've met Benjamin Franklin or seen much of his mug on money, but if I had known him as a baby, I think they may have been twins. I'm almost positive that Benjamin had some distant Japanese cousins :)

  4. Great news!

    The little guy tries as hard as he can, and rarely complains. Although, if he did complain,one could hardly blame him!

    Anyway... I guess that's why we call him the "Champ".

  5. So here's the thing I didn't have till I was 3 and none of the babies in my family had hair so....babies with a ton of hair kind of freak me out.

    Aka I'm diggin it ;)

  6. Wow! Look at those beautiful wide eyes! Kyle can't even open his eyes that wide, can he? ;)! Love you guys!

  7. He still has more hair than Sebastian! I found that scrubbing off the cradle cap did cause him to lose that dark baby hair but seemed to stimulate new growth at the same time. I hope you're saving some of those chunks and chops for the baby book. =) Besides, as evidenced by the pics, he seems to love the new 'do!

  8. Yay! I love those eyes! And those cutie glasses! He's a hunk! :-)

  9. I LOVE that profile picture. He looks like he could speak with a British accent and spout all kinds of baby wisdom!

    Love you all fiercely!!