Tuesday, July 21, 2009

'Normal' Life

We had a great, spasm-free weekend that included a night at a baseball game. We gave Collin a g-tube feed and all five of his meds sitting in the back row of section 113 and changed every article of clothing he had on because disposable diapers can't handle his crazy amounts of pee. I don't think either one of us saw much of the game (and neither did Collin, since he's refusing to look through his new glasses), but it was nice to get out of the house and do something 'normal'.

If you think Collin's head is looking pumpkin-ish, you're right - it's the steroids giving him moonface. Since we're in the middle of weaning him off ACTH, we're hoping that will go away soon.

In other news, Collin is acting like he's teething again, after his first two teeth just came through last week. Because we don't have enough going on. ;-)

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  1. Here just call all that pee "baby rain." It makes it SO much better. See watch. Last night Griffin went through his diaper, pjs and swaddle blanket straight to the sheets so I had to sleep on baby rain all night. (True story) See how much nicer!