Friday, July 24, 2009

Road Warrior

Here's a picture of what Collin did most of the day today. We drove almost four hours today because this amazing energy healer I've worked with for over ten years had an opening for a two hour appointment and I thought it was important for Collin to go. He slept the whole way up and fussed the whole way back, but we had a great, very helpful session, so it was worth all the trouble. We even got to squeeze in a short visit with my family on the farm since we were so close!

No spasms yesterday or today so far. He seems to be a little less puffy as we wean the ACTH, but he is still super agitated most of the time he's awake.

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  1. I'm so glad the visit went well. I want to hear about what the healer said in more detail when I come up to visit.

    Also, I discovered a few weeks ago that my fussy baby (actually he wasn't fussy he was irate) responds well to Bob Marley with the bass jacked up. Go figure. In case you want to try it next time :)