Thursday, July 23, 2009

Collin's Crazy Therapies #14 & #21

We had a great visit with Collin's physical therapist today, even though she added two more items to our list of crazy therapies. The first was the contraption in the picture. By name, it is a kicking toy. In reality, it is an insane combination of circus and arcade that explodes to life every time one of Collin's toes tap one of the big green feet at the bottom. Great idea in theory. It teaches cause and effect and sensory associations. Except for the fact that it scared the pee pees out of his mom the first like 20 times he triggered it. After that, he either figured the thing out or was just sitting too close to it, because it played constantly - complete with flying and spinning plastic doodads - for about half an hour straight while I slowly lost my mind. Seriously, though. It's great to see him interact with anything at all.

The next crazy therapy is called therapressure brushing and consists of using - you guessed it - a brush to help a child develop his sensory system. You pull the brush very firmly over the skin of the legs, feet, arms, hands, and back, then follow this by pumping the leg and arm joints and breastbone and then swiping the inside of the mouth three times. Like I said, crazy. And you do it every two hours. But I will tell you this - after the first brushing, he stopped the growling he's been doing and put his hands in his mouth. After the second brushing, he opened his eyes for the first time in I don't know how many days. And tonight he smiled while I made his arms dance to some music. So I will be brushing Collin until further notice. He'll be so nice and shiny.

We also had a nice talk with his speech therapist, who discussed our strategy for introducing solids (it's going to take a lot of spoon practice before we even introduce any food) and bragged on his bottle feeding skills.

Our PET scan got scheduled today finally. We'll be heading up to Cincinnati next Thursday for an 8:30 am appointment at Children's Hospital on Friday.


  1. Whoa whoa I didn't see his head in the list of things to get brushed. The child has enough hair for 10 babies and his hair doesn't get brushed. Something is amiss.

    But seriously I'm soooo glad he gets something in his crazy regimen that makes him happy. YEAH!

  2. Smiles make everything worthwhile :) I'm intrigued by the very specific number of mouth swipes (it reminds me of potion-making in HP); I'm so glad it works!
    We'll be thinking about you next Friday.