Friday, July 31, 2009

Brain Day 2

So, when the nurse came out this morning to tell us that the PET scanner was down because of the storm last night and that they had no way of knowing when it would be back up, I thought I could see the day spiraling down and out of sight. Luckily, I was wrong. The nurses and technicians were wonderful and got everything ready in case the machine came up, which it did. They even gave the scan a go without sedation to reduce Collin's exposure to meds, and it worked! He didn't move a muscle. This also meant that we didn't have to spend time in recovery after the scan waiting for him to wake up and stabilize and see if he could tolerate food after going all night without and then being knocked out. Instead, we finished the scan and the nurse told us we could go. To which Kyle replied, "You mean, just walk out the door?" So, we hooked Collin up with a breastmilk feed and hightailed it out of there.

I tried to get the results this afternoon, but was thwarted by the lady at the neurologist's office who prefers for me to never get answers to any of my questions. I got her to promise me a time on Monday, though, so we should know something by midday.

The rest of the day got even better as we went back to the farm and Kyle and I napped under the oak tree with the finch feeder and Collin snuggled with his Nana until Grandma brought us all over a homecooked meal of homegrown food. We capped the day off with a family walk back the ridge with Collin in the carrier and the evening breeze coming just right from the west.


  1. We must commend your delicious writing of today's activities. Not only have you captured sweet Collin and Kyle's personality and your own in your words, but you have painted the most beautiful picture of family life on the farm. WE LOVE THIS BLOG!! Andrew said that if you can get a copy of the PET today or tomorrow, he'd love to look at it and go over it with you... We miss you all!! =)

  2. I'm so glad the PET scan went better than expected and Collin was able to avoid more meds. And we thank God with you guys for your wonderful family and the relaxing time you had on the farm.

  3. Hey guys, so glad the PET scan went well and that you got to relax with family in a restful place. Hope your weekend was good as well, praying for you daily!

  4. I'm so happy things went great at the scan.

    Also, I'd like to go ahead and plan my visit to the farm. I'm free the month of September. Thanks! :)