Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brain Day 1

Today was Collin's third EEG. He is such a pro at EEGs - definitely a star patient. He falls asleep as soon as they start putting the wires on his head and snoozes peacefully until the part where he's supposed to wake up, when he puts on an impressive show of cuteness. Everyone at the neurologist's office loves him. Naturally.

ANYWAY, his EEG still showed some abnormal activity, but it was improved from the last one, which was improved from the first one, so that seems like a good trend. Also, we got the results of his metabolic testing, which were all normal. (As I think I've said, I always have mixed feelings when a test comes back normal - a combination of thank-God-it's-not-that and what-the-heck-IS-it.) Our plan of action is to up his Clonazepam slightly in the hopes of stopping the spasms completely and giving his brainwaves a chance to normalize. The doctor also ordered a spinal tap and some more blood work which, when done, will have covered pretty much every possibility.

Of course, much hinges on what we learn from the PET scan tomorrow. We're already in northern Kentucky, but we'll be leaving bright and early to make it to Children's Hospital in time to register, get Collin ready for sedation, etc. If we're lucky, the results will be available to the neurologist by the afternoon.

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